Aavegotchi Monthly Highlights #April

New multi-year roadmap, start of rarity farming, fractionalized gotchis and more!

Hey frens,

The next phase of Aavegotchi is beginning: after months of discussion, planning, and ideation, we finally unveiled the new, multi-year roadmap for Aavegotchi.

It’s impossible to predict the future, and there’ll be many things that happen that are out of the scope of this roadmap (fun detours ftw!) but these are the Big Ticket Items that will help Aavegotchi cross the chasm and gain massive adoption.

Find out where we are headed and share your thoughts:

Rarity Farming Season 1 has started!

On April 20 we kicked off the first season of Rarity Farming with 1.4M GHST (~2M USD) in rewards up for grabs! To earn, all you need is an Aavegotchi (or two or three) in your wallet. How well you equip your Aavegotchi, interact with it and engage with the wider community will determine the degree to which you farm GHST.

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Unicly has fractionalized the first Aavegotchis on Ethereum

Aavegotchis have made history again, becoming the first L2 Polygon-minted NFTs to be bridged back to Ethereum. The first crew of Gotchi known as Aastronauts has successfully landed on Unicly, the protocol to combine, fractionalize, and trade NFTs and was divided in a million pieces represented by the uGOTCHI token.

Even if you’re late to the party and don’t have an Aavegotchi yet, uGOTCHI tokens give you an opportunity to farm GHST during the first Rarity Farming season! Don’t miss your chance.

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First Aavegotchi Community Call

Couldn’t make our first ever community call on April 13th? Here’s what you missed:

We just reached 30k followers on Twitter!


Aavegotchi in the media: