Aavegotchi Monthly Highlights #January

Catch up on everything that happened in Aavegotchi during the month of January!

Hey frens,

January has been nothing short of exciting for the Aavegotchi fam. The first haunt of 10,000 portals is on track to arrive on Matic in the first half of February. In the meantime, let’s look back at our monthly highlights:

⚡January 4: Launch shifted to February on fee-less Matic Network

As you already know, we have decided to re-schedule the launch of Aavegotchi (originally planned for January 4th) and migrate to Matic due to unreasonably high gas fees. We have seen great support from the community and the timing turned out perfect. As of today, over 6 million GHST (worth over $3.8 million) have passed through the Matic bridge – and the main liquidity incentives haven’t even started yet!

Read more about how it happened in the 'Insane' ETH fees delay launch of Aavegotchi NFT game article by Cointelegraph. We will also be publishing a detailed explanation of why we chose Matic soon.

⚡January 21: AavegotchiDAO votes smash through quorum

The amount of votes for two Aavegotchi Improvement Proposals on Aragon reached double the required quorum. Each voting address received 250 XP per vote going toward all Aavegotchis summoned by that wallet during the February launch window.

Notably, the fees collected by AGIP-2 (0.3% trading fees for buying/selling on the bonding curve) have already reached more than 7000 DAI. The DAO Treasury is growing, frens!

Learn more about AavegotchiDAO

⚡January 22: "The Gotchi Bridge" opens, offering seamless L2 value transfer

In preparation for the Aavegotchi launch, Pixelcraft CTO Nick Mudge devised a way to bridge Aave’s interest-bearing aTokens onto Matic Network. He also created a pool on QuickSwap – a clone of Uniswap with virtually no gas fees on Matic Network – to swap between USDC and maUSDC, the Matic version of aUSDC.

Liquidity from GHST poured into QuickSwap, reaching all-time high liquidity for the DEX, and causing the price of QUICK token (the governance token of Quickswap) to go from $1 to $27 in a few short weeks!

To learn more about how maTokens work, read Aave's Interest-Bearing aTokens on Matic Network: a quick guide by Pixelcraft CTO Nick Mudge.

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⚡January 25th: First gasless transaction on Aavegotchi

Another important step for layer 2 migration: this month the first ever gasless “meta-transaction” powered by Biconomy was used in an Aavegotchi contract:

⚡January 29: Start of liquidity incentives

Learn how to access over $300,000 in liquidity migration rewards in the new “How to Earn by Migrating Aavegotchi to L2” guide published by Bankless Metaversal.

  • 50,000 USD worth of GHST

  • 50,000 USD worth of MATIC

  • 1000 QUICK / day (1 QUICK currently = $25)

  • 14 FRENS / LP token / day

Read at Bankless

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That’s all for this monthly update. Thanks for subscribing and staying up to date with Aavegotchi. The next few months are going to be very exciting!

Stay spooky frens!
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