Aavegotchi Monthly Highlights #March

Aavegotchi is live, Bazaar is booming, #GotchiGang collab with Lil Pump and more

Hey Frens,

March has been a big month for us – Aavegotchi is now officially live! Haunt 1 drop sold out in less than a minute, lifting GHST to all-time high.

This week, AavegotchiDAO decided that there will be no Haunt 2 just yet: there wasn't enough support to overcome the substantial 20% Vote Differential put in place our DAO rules. We look forward to continuing to build out the Aavegotchi ecosystem to prepare for the next Haunt of our Gotchi frens.

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Aavegotchi Bazaar is booming

Aavegotchi Bazaar – Aavegotchi’s secondary market – was launched on March 2nd together with the Haunt 1. It exceeded 7.8 million $GHST in volume in just over two weeks and has been breaking records ever since:

Portal #1 was sold on the Bazaar for 75000 $GHST, and Stani Kulechov’s hair went for 70000 $GHST.

And this is just the beginning – read about the top 10 Bazaar sales in this article by NonFungible:

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#GotchiGang Collab with Lil Pump

This week we announced an official collab with Lil Pump, the world-famous rapper and creator of the iconic "Gucci Gang" song

The “Gucci gang” rapper’s distinct style provides the perfect visual inspiration to release a set of NFT in-game wearables that includes five pieces in total, each of a different rarity level.

You can get yours in the Raffle 4 coming up on March 29!

Stay spooky frens!
Aavegotchi Team