VOTE: 24 hrs left until Aavegotchi Aragon Vote begins!

Power up your future Gotchi frens by joining in this historic vote on January 18

Hey fren, just 24 hours left until our onchain Aragon votes for AGIP-2 and AGIP-3 begin!

Don’t know what those are?

Check out the following blog post, and learn how you can earn up to 500 XP (experience points) for your future Aavegotchis!

IMPORTANT: If you intend to participate in the vote starting on January 18, please unstake your GHST from the GHST staking contract and Uniswap.

Move it to a personal wallet such as Metamask for the best experience!

Finally, here’s a handy visual guide to the important dates coming up for Aavegotchi.

Stay spooky fren!
Aavegotchi team